The Yoga of Awareness: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

What is yoga?

What first comes to mind when you hear the word “yoga?”

Juice bars?

Deliberate stretches that seem to last for hours?

Pseudo-Eastern spirituality?

Lean girls wearing flattering yoga leggings and pants?

There is no denying yoga has evolved so much over the years.

While many people have come to know it as one of the most popular workouts even A-list celebrities swear by, it is actually one of the oldest rituals known to man.

No one knows for sure how long yoga has been around.

But archeologists have uncovered evidence of yoga both as a spiritual and physical practice.

Among the oldest yogi-like engravings dating over 5,000 years are found in Harappa and Mohenjo Daro and in the Indus Valley civilization (now known as present day Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan).

What is Kundalini yoga?

In terms of style and philosophy, yoga already has several variations.

For instance, while Bikram yoga is primarily structured as a physical workout, other variations like the Jivamukti focuses mainly on yoga as a form of meditation.

Kundalini yoga is a marriage of both, with added focus on consciousness that help activate the energy centers that are found throughout the body.

While Kundalini yoga is considered a superb workout by many, participants treat each kriya with solemn reverence so the atmosphere of the class is more akin to a temple as opposed to a gym.

In a nutshell, Kundalini yoga can be likened to a physical workout with a dash of spiritual enlightenment thrown in.

What is the philosophy of Kundalini yoga?

“Kundalini” is an ancient Sanskrit word.

Loosely translated, it means “coiled snake.”

In early Eastern religion teachings, it was believed that individuals have a divine energy situated at the base of the spine.

While the energy is believed to be something humans are born with, you still need to “uncoil the snake” to gain direct access to the divine.

Dubbed as the “yoga of awareness,” Kundalini yoga’s philosophy involves awakening the so-called Higher Self.

It is believed that each person is considered an energy for God-like creative consciousness (Brahman).

With the use of techniques developed by Kundalini masters over thousands of years, you can disconnect from the worldly Ego and connect with Brahman.

In Kundalini yoga, God is not an entity in the heavens.

On the contrary, God is seen as creative consciousness from which all things flow including ourselves.

That means we all have access to Brahman because it is believed to be a part of us.

What are some of the reasons to do Kundalini yoga?

While many consider the philosophy behind Kundalini yoga a little too farfetched for their liking, it is not something that should be dismissed altogether.

For starters, Kundalini yoga is a superb workout and the meditations that are integrated will do wonders for your well-being.

The additional health benefits Kundalini yoga offers are also highly enticing.

Still not convinced?

We’ve listed down other reasons for you to do Kundalini yoga:

  1. When you expand your presence, you also expand your life.

Kundalini yoga works on your connection to your core energy.

This connection gives you the opportunity to look at each day with a good sense of individual truth.

This presence is evident to those around you and you will experience expanded reality and new opportunities as a result.

  1. You will receive instant inspiration.

After a Kundalini class, you can expect to walk away with clarity of mind that will help break old barriers and inspire the creation of new ideas.

  1. You will be part of a community that will keep you in check.

While it is unfortunate to note, many spend their days and waking hours with people who do not nothing but drag them down.

When you are part of a Kundalini yoga community, you will have access to people who are on the same spiritual path.

They will not only spare you from the negativities but more importantly, they can also uplift you and remind you of the things that truly matter especially since you are on the same spiritual path.

  1. You will be taken out of your comfort zone.

A Kundalini class can be full of surprises.

You might focus on stretching one day and be screaming the next.

The spontaneity of a Kundalini class will not only bring pleasant surprises, it will also prepare for whatever comes outside of your comfort zone.

  1. You are given the opportunity to teach.

Kundalini teaches that each one has an important message they can share with the world. When you find your voice and have the courage to share it, you will be able to enrich your lives and that of those people you come in contact with.



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