Want to Save Money? Do Yoga!


When it comes to the benefits it offers, yoga is undoubtedly in a league all its own.

That being said, it’s no wonder professional athletes, musicians, and A-list Hollywood celebrities (read: Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake (and wife, Jessica Biel), Jennifer Aniston, Russell Brand (who swears by Kundalini yoga!), and Lady Gaga, among others) turn to yoga to strengthen their mind, body, and spirit.

With its incomparable benefits and huge celebrity following, yoga’s popularity has become inevitable.

However, did you know that aside from better physical health, reduced stress, and enhanced well-being, yoga can also save you a huge amount of money?

Yes, you read that right!

Yoga can help you save a lot of money.

Below are just some of the ways yoga can help you laugh your way to the bank:

Yoga can help you take a huge chunk off your annual medical bills.

While there are various reasons people turn to and practice yoga, the benefits they get are the same—better fitness and improved health and well-being.

For starters, yoga has been known to significantly reduce stress (and other associated disorders), steadies your heart, aids in toxin elimination from your body, provides better balance and posture, and promotes connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

But the benefits do not end there.

While you may not be aware of it, yoga can also help take a significant amount you’re your annual medical bills.

In fact, a research published in Plos One indicated that individuals who practice yoga are 43 percent less likely to use their health care compared to those who don’t practice it.

That translates to a whopping $2, 360 savings on emergency room visits yearly.

Definitely, just one of the countless reasons to love yoga!

Yoga can give you an affordable and more fulfilling holiday.

The average traveler can spend as much as $3, 251 on an international holiday.

Typically, this cost includes money spent on entertainment, food, and even alcohol.

However, if you are into yoga, you can opt for a wellness retreat instead of the typical party atmosphere.

Some of these wellness retreats even provide free lodging and food (this can also mean you can steer clear of alcohol and greasy foods) so that means more savings for you.

More importantly however, these wellness retreats can help you totally de-stress (most of them are conducted in idyllic and scenic locations) and ever ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Now, that’s one vacation you can sure look forward to!

Yoga can help cut down on money spent on clothes.

Some research indicate that women spend as much as $125, 000 on shopping alone.

However, general love (or obsession) with clothes is not the sole culprit.

Changing clothes size can also play an integral part.

Understandably, you would need to shop for new wardrobe once inches on the waist starts to pile up.

With yoga, however, staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight is a lot easier.

That means more savings and less money spent shopping for new clothes.

And of course, that means extra money you can use to purchase those sexy and chic yoga tops and lightweight and figure-flattering yoga leggings.

Yoga can help you avoid binge eating.

Depression, anxiety, and stress are just some of the conditions associated with binge eating.

When the need to be happy and fulfilled is not satisfied, people can turn to material things or even food to get even just short-term satisfaction.

Fortunately, satisfying the need to be fulfilled and happy can be done through yoga.

Yoga can help you tap into your inner self and help you find that happiness and satisfaction you are looking for.

Practicing yoga has also been known to help people effectively avoid (and transcend) vices and other unhealthy habits.

So, if you are trying to eliminate drinking, smoking, or binge eating (and other vices) for good, yoga might be just what you need!

Yoga provides a more affordable option than going to the gym.

We’ve all been there—we excitedly paid that gym membership in an effort to motivate us to stay fit.

But we only went for a few days!

Even if we only paid for a month’s membership, that’s still money down the drain and no tangible results to be happy about.

While many argue that a yoga session can be more expensive, it actually will cost you much less if you think about it.

For starters, you have the option to pay for each session so you don’t have to pay for those days you can’t come in.

More importantly, however, once you learn how to properly execute the poses, you can continue to do the practice in the comforts of your own home (and even office).

Nowadays, there are countless yoga tutorials you can look into.

You can even invest in a Hatha yoga inspired video and pay for it one time and you can practice the poses at home, in the office, or even while on holiday!

So, what are you waiting for?

Try yoga now, unleash your spiritual gangster and save plenty of money while you’re at it!

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