Be Vibrant and Youthful with These 6 Kundalini Yoga Tricks

While there are many ways to significantly improve the vitality of both the mind and the body, Kundalini yoga offers some of the best practices and tricks to help you achieve said objective.

Below are 6 Kundalini yoga practices you can integrate in your daily routine to stay bright, healthy, and radiant.

  1. Take short yoga breaks

Even if you are in the office or even on a holiday, it is reassuring to know you can still incorporate mini yoga breaks in your day.

While seemingly trivial, the importance of these short yoga breaks cannot be overstated.

In line with this, make sure you get up from our desk and stretch for a few minutes every hour of two.

To ensure you don’t forget, it would be a good idea to set a timer.

The short yoga breaks will not only have amazing effects on your parasympathetic nervous system, it will also trigger other wondrous health responses and benefits.

You don’t have to do elaborate and challenging yoga poses.

For starters, you can try Frog Pose or simple neck rolls.

Frog Pose provides superb health benefits you can’t afford to miss—it regenerates the cerebrospinal fluid, works the cardiovascular system, and energizes the life nerves.

  1. Take time out to relax fully each day

At least once daily, make sure you fully relax the yogic way.

If you want to have a “me time,” this can be it.

Set the timer from 3 to 11 minutes.

During the minutes allotted, your focus should be on total relaxation.

That means you disregard any worries, concerns, mini-emergencies, and even inspirations that call for your attention.

Aim to just focus the whole 11 minutes.

To foster total relaxation, lie on your back.

Spread your legs comfortably with your palms up.

Consciously relax your torso, limbs, and other body parts and just surrender totally to the pull of gravity while you deeply sink into your mat.

  1. Consider doing facial lymph massages

Looking for an easy way to boost your immune system, clear and cleanse your internal system, and brighten your skin?

A facial lymph massage can help you achieve all of the above!

The lymph regenerates constantly and helps clear away toxins from the cells.

Unfortunately, the lymphatic flow can become sluggish when sick or with age.

Akin to a shower or bath, a lymphatic massage can help wash away toxins, boosting cellular growth as a result.

A lymphatic massage can also help stimulate both intuition and sensitivity, according to renowned Kundalini Yoga master Yogi Bhajan.

  1. Perform a vagus nerve-stimulating whistle breath

To help you stay energized and clear-headed, a vagus nerve-stimulating whistle breath is exactly what you need.

In addition, the deliberate and conscious breathing can also help trigger the release of mood-boosting hormones.

More importantly, the diaphragm movement can help massage the descending aorta and the heart.

To perform a vagus nerve-stimulating whistle breath, start by sitting tall and whistle as you inhale and exhale slowly, filling and emptying your lungs fully.

  1. Consider doing the panting lion breath

Aside from the fact that it’s fun to practice, the panting lion breath works by removing the toxins from the bloodstream and increasing the molecular exchange in the lungs.

It also helps stimulate the thyroid, boosting the energy in the process.

To execute the panting lion breath, start by opening the mouth and the eyes wide.

Extend the tongue out and start doing the panting breath using the mouth while focusing on the exhalation.

With each exhalation, draw the navel back sharply.

Relax as you inhale.

Continue for at least 1 to 3 minutes, then close both the eyes and the mouth as you inhale deeply through the abdomen.

Hold the breath as long as reasonably possible.

  1. Go for an evening fast

When possible, take the largest meal in the middle of the day and forego eating in the evening.

This will ensure the energy that the energy used for digestion will instead be used by the body to boost cellular repair while you sleep.

Over time, you will wake up more dynamic and refreshed and you will notice dramatic shifts in your body and skin.

In the Kundalini teachings, the prescription for radiant health is to stop eating after 4PM.

The body will then switch to the rejuvenation mode, focusing on the healing power of prana, mentally, spiritually, and physically.




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