Types of Yoga: 8 of the Most Unusual

Without doubt, yoga has come a really long way.

Nowadays, there’s a yoga class for almost everyone—from those who love doing yoga in the buff to those who prefer doing it with their fur babies.

Below are some of the most unusual types of yoga that are deemed truly out of this world!

Nude Yoga

Spiritual Enlightenment in Your Birthday Suit

Nude yoga was first introduced in the western world in the 1960s, when the hippie movement was all the rage.

However, nude yoga did not gain any traction until Aaron Star’s nude yoga classes in New York in 2001.

Soon thereafter, word spread about it and it became unbelievably popular—with copycat classes being conducted the world over.

Nowadays, some naked yoga studios offer same sex and co-ed classes.

One word of caution however: most nude yoga classes asks students to not entertain any sexual notions.

While not everyone may be aware of it, the primary purpose of naked yoga is to get rid of any body shame and negativity and instill confidence in their students.


Connecting the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Your Furry Best Friend

Doga or dog yoga, involves massage and stretching for the dogs and their humans.

Since dogs are considered pack animals, they are deemed a natural fit for yoga as the spiritual practice gives emphasis to connection and union with other beings.

While many applaud this type of yoga, there are some who believe it is nothing but a passing trend.

Others on the other hand, are also worried this type trivializes the ancient and deeply spiritual practice.

In addition, while many find it extra challenging to get their furry babies to listen and change position, many believe doga does a good job of minimizing stress for the humans and improve digestion and heart health for the dogs.

Equine Yoga

Finding Harmony with Your Horse Through Breathing and Movement

In essence, horseback yoga is about bonding with one’s equine partner and achieving physical and mental harmony.

A typical equine yoga class will have participants standing with a horse in a number of yoga poses while giving emphasis on the breathing.

It will also involve a series of stretches for both the human and the horse.

Once a foundation for the partnership has been formed, some yoga poses will be performed while on horseback.

Through its movement, the horse will encourage his human to stay present, balanced, and focused.

Aerial Yoga

Mind, Body, and Spiritual Connection Through Anti-Gravity Fitness

Aerial yoga does a good job of combining traditional yoga and aerial arts through the use of silks and anti-gravity hammocks.

The silks and the hammocks will be used to help in the body alignment and positioning.

Aerial yoga also has aspects of contemporary dance, gymnastics, and Pilates thrown in.

This type of yoga will not only strengthen both the mind and body, it also helps decompress the vertebrae of the spine.

While unsubstantiated, many believe it can make practitioners grow talker by up to 4 centimeters.

Cannabis Yoga

Reaching Higher Levels of Awareness Through Marijuana and Movement

As cannabis is already considered legal in some states and can be used for recreational and medical purposes, classes that encourage participants to get high are gaining popularity.

4:20 Remedy Yoga, based in Los Angeles is one studio local marijuana patients frequent.

While smoking marijuana on the premises is not allowed, students are encouraged to attend the class while high.

Understandably, while many argue that drugs have no place in yoga, there are also those who believe that cannabis and yoga go hand-in-hand as both offer a euphoric and calming effect.

Paddleboard Yoga

Floating Your Way to Mental and Physical Strength

The Stand Up Paddleboard (S.U.P) community is a worldwide organization that promotes yoga on water, using a paddleboard in the place of the conventional yoga mat.

Paddleboard can be practiced on any body of water ranging from small ponds to vast oceans.

Unlike the conventional yoga that is performed on solid ground, practitioners of paddleboard yoga will be able to gauge if they are exerting too much force on one side of the body as the board will respond to the movements and might even throw them off balance.

While seemingly challenging, many credit this type of yoga for increasing their core strength, flexibility, and stability while helping rejuvenate their mind and spirit.

Karaoke Yoga

Channeling Your Inner Rock Star

Participants of karaoke yoga dance, sweat, stretch, and sing their way to physical and mental fitness.

While karaoke yoga is undoubtedly more laidback compared to traditional yoga, it still emphasizes the same yogic objectives of balance, attention, and focus.

A typical karaoke yoga class has a DJ and TV screens so participants can follow the lyrics and even do the “air guitar” pose.

The emotionally charged experience will sometimes move class participants to tears or laughter.

Tantrum Yoga

Stretching and Screaming Your Way to Better Health

Essentially, tantrum yoga encourages participants to scream their way to better health.

The class is a mixture of breathing, meditation, traditional yoga, with dance and vocal techniques throw in.

Participants release stress through yelling, screaming, stomping, and even chest-pounding.

And just like a child who has had a temper tantrum, students often find themselves relaxed and even laughing after and ready to face whatever challenges that will come their way.


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