Mastering the Kundalini Sat Kriya


Sat Kriya is one of the sets unique to Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is designed to move energy up from the lower spine to the top of the head. The energy travels through the 7 chakras or energy wheels in the body up to the central channel, the man energy conduit in the body.

We are not talking about the physical body, but the subtle energy body. If you’ve ever heard of acupuncture or acupressure, they too try to balance and heal using the energy conduits of the subtle body.

Sit in Rock pose if you can, on your knees, sitting with your feet under your rear. If you can’t do this comfortable, easy pose is fine.

Next, raise your arms up straight overhead. Fold all of the fingers into one another, interlacing them all apart from the 2 index fingers. The index fingers should be pressed together and pointing straight up to the sky. Your upper arms should be hugging your ears and there should be no bend in the elbows.

Kundalini yoga uses locks to hold the energy in place that has been driven up from the lower chakras. Sat kriya uses the Maha bandha or great lock, all 3 of the main locks combined. Tuck in your chin for neck lock and tuck in your diaphragm as you keep your back straight while you do the kriya. We will be adding root lock in a minute.

You will be chanting the mantra SAT NAM, I am truth. As you chant, it will sound like Sut nom. The mantra is a powerful way to move energy up the spine from root to crown chakra. It can be done for as little as 1 minute to feel the benefit. Gradually work your way up to 3, 7 and 11 minutes.

The great lock
As you chant Sat, you will tighten your root chakra and navel point. Picture yourself as trying to draw a pencil up into your body via your anus, and via your private parts, and you will get an idea of the upward muscle movement of the root lock.

As you chant Nam, you will release your root chakra lock.

The pattern will come naturally after a while, inhale and lock, exhale and release.

To finish, inhale deeply, draw everything up into root lock and hold for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat. Finish by exhaling fully, holding root lock again, then relaxing and inhaling. Shake yourself out of the pose and enjoy a deep relaxation in corpse pose.

Sat kriya is energizing and purifying. No matter how busy you are, try to fit in a few minutes each day and see what a difference it can make to your health.


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