Great Abs through Yoga

A spare tire seems to be all too common for men and women over 40, but studies have shown that waist roundness, or visceral fat, as it is termed, is very unhealthy and is part of the 5 conditions that make up metabolic syndrome, a basket of condition that also include:

High blood sugar
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
High triglycerides (a form of cholesterol)

If you have 2 or more of these symptoms, it’s time to start a yoga practice, which has been proven to help with all these conditions.

Stubborn belly fat is not just ugly, it can also be dangerous. Metabolic syndrome has been lined to pre-diabetes and diabetes, heart health issues, and even certain forms of cancer.

Yoga is the perfect workout no matter what your age or because you can develop great abs and a solid core in around 15 minutes of practice each day, without the need for thousands of boring crunches. A better set of abs also means a stronger back, helping you slim down, build strength, and look great in all your clothes. Best of all, it leaves you less likely to get injured.

Yoga poses-standing
Good posture is essential for strong muscles, and good abdominal muscles banish belly fat. Engage your core muscles with various poses such as Mountain, Tree, and the Warrior series of poses.

Yoga poses-sitting
All of the seated poses encourage better posture and opening the hips. This strengthens all the muscles around your middle and gives you more support for your back when you are working at a computer or driving. Poses include Full lotus, Butterfly and Pigeon.

Yoga poses on the back
Leg lifts of any kind will firm the abs. Cross crawls and Stretch pose work arms and legs as well.

Poses on your front
Balancing on the belly massages the area and tension in that area builds abs. Try Bow pose and Lion.

Yoga poses for the abs
Boat, Plank and Locust can give your abs a great workout in a very short space of time.

Yoga poses for the core
Pay special attention to yoga poses that are good for developing a strong core, including Dolphin plank, Side Plank and Donkey Kick.

A faster metabolism
Long, lean muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat, to help you lose weight quickly.

If you’re longing to get 6-pack abs without spending hours doing sit ups, yoga is the exercise for you.


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