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The Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide to Power Yoga

If you are looking for a yoga style that is more fitness inspired, you can never go wrong with Power yoga. While continuously gaining popularity because of its fresh, contemporary, and challenging approach, there is more to Power yoga than meets the eye. Discover the basics of this new and exciting style of yoga in […]

Yoga for Seniors: Your Comprehensive Guide

A 2016 study found out that a staggering 14 million yoga practitioners are over 50 years of age. Undoubtedly, yoga for seniors is considered of the fastest growing demographic today. As more and more people are aiming to achieve quality life as they enter their senior years, many are discovering the amazing health benefits only […]

Yin Yoga Practice: What are the Benefits?

The Chinese concept of yin and yang involves two opposing forces. However, between the two opposing forces like balance, connectivity, and interdependence. While yang represents movement, activity, heat, dynamism, and “doing,” yin is the exact opposite. Yin represents passivity, femininity, coolness, resting, and “being.” Any form of movement, including yoga variations can be divided into […]

Aging Gracefully: Ways Yoga Can Help

As one ages, the body also undertakes several physiological changes. That means we need to take self-care up a notch. Fortunately, yoga might just be what you need to achieve said objective. Not convinced? We’ve listed down some of the ways yoga can help you achieve a better quality of life and help you age […]

Beginner Yoga: Ways to Make the Practice Less Intimidating

If you are new to yoga, it’s easy to feel intimidated. This is especially common if you are in a class with people who have been practicing yoga for many years. However, it is also reassuring to know that yoga is not as intimidating as it seems. If your first yoga class has left you […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Restorative Yoga You Should Not Miss Out On

With yoga developing a massive, cult-like following, there has been an influx of yoga variations, each with their own blend of relaxation, breathing, meditation, chanting, and philosophy. While often overshadowed by more dynamic yoga styles, restorative yoga still has loyal practitioners. Why? Aside from being a relaxing, healing, and recuperative practice, it also comes with […]

6 Remarkable Yoga Pilgrimages You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Home

Taking time out to do a spiritual pilgrimage is something many yoga practitioners often dream about. Fortunately, spiritual pilgrimages do not always require traveling to exotic places or spending money. Embark on a spiritual journey and transform your life for the better with these notable pilgrimages you can easily do at home: Pranayama Pilgrimage For […]

Ways Yoga Can Make You a Better Athlete

Besides being professional athletes, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Floyd Mayweather, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Lewis all have one common denominator—yoga! Nowadays, many coaches incorporate yoga classes into their team’s training regimen in the effort to boost the players performances. Yoga’s integration into most of today’s athletic training is not exactly surprising as it has been […]

Managing Chaos, Uncertainty, and Change Through Yoga

  While yoga may appear to some as just a mere workout designed to enhance and strengthen the physical body, yoga can actually do so much more. In fact, for some, yoga is considered one of the strongest (if not unlikely) allies when times are turbulent. The amazing science of self-realization often associated with the […]

Beginner Yoga: 5 Basic Asanas You Should Know

Being a beginner is not always easy. This truth also rings true for those who are trying out yoga for the first time. For starters, yoga will not only challenge you mentally but it will also test both your flexibility and physical endurance. As you progress, you can expect to engage just about every muscle […]