Benefits of Yoga: Things that Make Yoga Totally Badass

Make no mistake about it, there is more to yoga than meets the eye.

And it’s not just the challenging and gravity-defying poses that makes yoga truly one of a kind.

While less known, below are some of the incomparable and peerless benefits that makes yoga truly badass!

Yoga can help you eat better.

Are you an emotional eater?

Do you stuff yourself silly and feel guilty right after?

Yoga might just be what you need to help you get your eating back on the right track!

A University of Washington research indicated that regular yoga practitioners eat more mindfully compared to their non-yoga practicing counterparts.

This mindfulness can be attributed to the practice of focusing on the breath and the sensations in the body.

As a result, the brain is trained to notice what is happening to the body and this will allow you to pay more attention to sensations of hunger and satisfaction.

That means you would see food as it should be—a fuel for your body.

With yoga, you can say goodbye to emotional eating and food-related guilt.

You can do yoga with your furry best friend.

What’s better than doing yoga?

Doing yoga with your furry best friend!

Thanks to “doga,” you can now practice yoga with your dog.

Doga started in New York in 1992 and it allows you to have your pups pose along with you or use them as your furry props.

If you are a cat lover, you’d be delighted to know that feline yoga classes also exist.

However, it has been noticed that cats are more into interrupting the sessions as opposed to being an active participant.

Yoga can be done in the buff.

Aptly called naked yoga, this allows practitioners to do yoga in the buff with fellow practitioners.

Depending on what you are comfortable with, there are male, female, and coed classes you can choose from.

While the practice is not for all, naked yoga is meant to elevate the “love-your-body” mantra to a higher level.

If this is something you would like to try, discover how a woman gained confidence, overcame her fears, and made peace with her so-called imperfections in this article.

Yoga can help protect your heart.

Yoga instructors encourage and talk about “opening the heart” for a reason.

Yoga has been known to help reduce stress, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other risk factors that can contribute to heart disease.

In addition, a research published in The Lancet indicated that performing the corpse pose (savasana) has been known to offer much greater improvement in blood pressure compared to merely lying on the couch and relaxing.

Yoga can significantly improve your sex life.

While it’s a given you’ll feel sexier as you become more physically fit, doing yoga can do more to enhance your sex life compared to other workouts.

What makes yoga extra special?

Apart from toning your muscles, it also dramatically improves your core stability and flexibility.

As if not enough, yoga also helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The result?

Tighter grip and stronger orgasms!

Yoga can make you smarter.

While not everyone may be aware of it, even just 20 minutes of yoga can already help improve the brain’s ability to accurately and quickly process information according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Most exercises encourage practitioners to either zone out or in, however, yoga encourages being present and paying attention.

The mindfulness yoga teaches has been associated with structural changes in the brain, particularly prefrontal cortex growth—the region in the brain that helps govern working memory, attention, and executive function.

Yoga reduces stress by a significant level.

Even the most basic of yoga poses like the child’s pose can be really calming and can help reduce stress dramatically.

The amazing marriage of mindful awareness and muscle tensing and relaxation can help practitioners relax and forget about their troubles.

Stress reduction and relaxation association with yoga has also been known to help improve sleep in people with insomnia.

In fact, a Harvard University study indicated that just 8 weeks of yoga can already improve sleep quality in people suffering from insomnia.

Yoga can encourage you to love and appreciate your body.

When it comes to yoga, there is no such thing as a “yoga body.”

If truth be told, even curvy gals can rock those challenging yoga poses too!

Curvy girls performing yoga poses has been sharing pictures of themselves performing yoga poses and has kept related hashtags #curvyyoga, #curvygirlyoga, and #curvvyyogi abuzz.

Yoga can help you score dates.

If you want to increase your attractiveness level and score more dates, consider yoga.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to wear those figure hugging and flattering leggings or those sexy yoga tops, yoga can also help you score major points in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Popular dating sites like OkCupid, Match, and Wired reported that those who mention yoga in their profiles are ranked as one of the most attractive.

There’s no clear rationale as to why—but if yoga can make you smarter, calmer, better in bed, and sexier, what is there not to like?

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