Beginner Yoga: 5 Basic Asanas You Should Know

Being a beginner is not always easy.

This truth also rings true for those who are trying out yoga for the first time.

For starters, yoga will not only challenge you mentally but it will also test both your flexibility and physical endurance.

As you progress, you can expect to engage just about every muscle in your body.

You will stretch your shoulders, work your torso and limbs as you juggle between executing the poses correctly and breathing properly.

Fortunately, the benefits you get from your yoga practice will far outweigh all the challenges you will encounter along the way.

Aside from reducing stress and enhancing physical strength, yoga can also keep your focused and help your mind work better.

All that while helping release tension and detoxifying the body.

If you are new to yoga, you can make your practice more potent by integrating and mastering the following basic asanas and making them a part of your daily practice.

  1. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

The tree pose will not only provide you with a sense of grounding, it will also significantly improve your balance and strengthen your back and legs.

This pose will replicate the steady stance of a tree.

Start by placing your right foot high on your left thigh.

Your foot’s sole should be firm and flat.

Ensure that your left leg is straight as your attempt to find your balance.

When you inhale, you raise your arms over your head and finish by bringing your palms together.

Make sure your spine is straight as you take a few deep breaths.

Exhale slowly when bringing your hands down and releasing your right leg.

Once you are back in the standing position, you do the same position using the other leg.

  1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

The tadasana pose will have you emulating the majestic steadiness of a mountain.

This yoga move will help improve concentration and focus and will work on major muscle groups.

It is also used as a starting position for other yoga poses.

To execute the tadasana, ensure that your heels are slightly apart when you are standing, with both arms beside the torso.

Lift and spread the balls of the feet as well as the toes gently then lay them back on the floor softly.

Make sure that you balance your body weight on your feet.

Firm and lift the thigh muscles and ankles while you rotate them inwards.

Elongate your torso as you inhale and release the shoulder blades from the head when you exhale.

Elongate your neck and broaden your collarbone.

The hips, ankles, shoulders, and ears should also be in one line.

Check your alignment by standing up against the wall.

If you want, you can also raise your hands so you can stretch them.

  1. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

If you are looking to significantly increasing spine flexibility, this pose is a must.

Not only that, it also helps strengthen the muscles of the lower back while cushioning the triceps and the spine.

This pose will also help open the chest so it can help promote better inhalations.

To do the cobra pose, lie on your stomach.

Your toes should be flat and your feet together.

Ensure your hands are placed downwards below your shoulders.

Raise your head and lift your waits when you inhale.

With the support of your hands, pull your torso back.

Ensure you put equal pressure on both your palms and your elbows should be straight.

When you tilt your head back, you also have to make sure your shoulders are away from your ears.

Exhale when you come back to the ground.

  1. Boat Pose (Naukasana)

The boat pose is your best bet when you are looking for a pose that will help strengthen the upper back and the shoulder while tightening the abdominal muscles.

Do the boat pose by lying on your back with your hands on your side and your feet together.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale, lift your feet and chest gently off the ground.

From there, stretch your hands in your feet’s direction.

Your toes, fingers, and eyes should be in one line.

Hold the pose until you feel your abdominal muscles contract and you feel some tension in your navel area.

Relax and come back to the ground as you exhale.

  1. Chair Pose (Kursiasana)

Deemed as intensely powerful, the chair pose helps effectively strengthen the muscles of the arms and the legs.

Aside from the energizing effect it provides on the mind and body, it also helps build immense willpower.

Execute the chair pose by standing straight with the feet slightly apart.

When stretching the arms, make sure the elbows are not bent.

Inhale as you bend your knees and push your pelvis down, similar to sitting on a chair.

Keep the back straight and both hands parallel to the ground.

Take deep breaths.

Bend gradually but ensure your knees do not go beyond the toes when doing so.




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