7 Amazing Benefits of Restorative Yoga You Should Not Miss Out On

With yoga developing a massive, cult-like following, there has been an influx of yoga variations, each with their own blend of relaxation, breathing, meditation, chanting, and philosophy.

While often overshadowed by more dynamic yoga styles, restorative yoga still has loyal practitioners.


Aside from being a relaxing, healing, and recuperative practice, it also comes with other amazing benefits that are hard to miss.

Not convinced?

We’ve listed down some of restorative yoga’s exceptional benefits:

  1. It helps you slow down.

One of restorative yoga’s most amazing benefits is giving you the chance to disconnect from all of life’s frenzy and reset your speedometer back to zero.

Restorative yoga can also help prepare both the mind and the body for deepened awareness and meditation.

For others, it also provides a welcome relief from all of life’s chaos, stress, and troubles.

In addition, as you move through the restorative yoga poses, you’d be able to explore your body and mind at a tempo that is both steady and serene.

  1. It helps soothe the nervous system.

The deep breathing and slow pace restorative yoga requires has been known to benefit the parasympathetic nervous system.

This activation can help prevent the effects of the typical fight or flight response which can be damaging to both the well-being and the physiology.

Restorative yoga’s overall calming effect on the nervous system can give practitioners deep comfort and relaxation that benefits the body on a cellular level.

  1. It helps promote transcendence.

In general, many variations of Hatha yoga are deemed a precursor to deeper meditation periods.

In the practice, joints, muscles, and energy centers are revitalized to help facilitate a more comfortable and deeper meditation experience.

For many, the practice of restorative yoga often leads to a deeper and clearer connection and oneness with the universal law of consciousness.

Each breath and pose has been designed to help you reach a level of expanded awareness.

  1. It helps foster mindfulness.

Restorative yoga is sometimes referred to as “mindful yoga,” thanks to its ability to expand body and self-awareness as you move on with the practice.

Slower movements also help cultivate a much deeper experience for the practitioners.

A deeper awareness of the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations that arise can help make the restorative yoga practice more profound and significant.

Putting it another way, you’ll be able to have a more deep and ardent experience of the world through your restorative yoga practice.

  1. It helps strengthen both detachment and acceptance.

The nature of restorative yoga is the antithesis of the mentality “no pain, no gain.”

In other words, you will get the most benefit from the practice when you release and surrender as opposed to forcing yourself to execute a pose.

This kind of mentality can help foster a better acceptance of the body and some of its inherent limitations.

In addition, it will help you get rid of whatever preconceived notions you have about your own body—how it should feel and look—both in and out of a pose.

Since acceptance, comfort, and ease are common themes in restorative yoga, fostering detachment and acceptance becomes easier.

  1. It helps you connect with the divine.

Essentially, the primary goal of yoga is union with the divine.

In line with this, your yoga practice should be a means that will help you achieve just that.

Thankfully, restorative yoga is considered ideal when looking to connect with the divinity within.

The techniques used in the practice have been designed to awaken and enhance balance, strength, flexibility, grace, poise, and awareness of the present moment, among other things.

This combination helps create a mind and body that can easily merge seamlessly into the field of pure being or awareness.

  1. It helps you feel nurtured and safe.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle.

Nowadays, it’s normal for any people to go through their day-to-day routine haunted by uncertainty, worries, fear, and anxiety.

Fortunately, restorative yoga provides you with the ideal venue to connect with your pure, nourishing, immortal, and invincible nature—your true nature.

As you make the connection through the breathing, relaxation, and poses, you will be able to reclaim your soul’s fearless nature.

From there, you will emerge more nurtured and safe, trusting the inherent goodness of your heart.



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